Flowers Badge – Girl Scout Scrapbook

Date: December 2019

Badge: Flowers

This Badge was earned at home.

We started the Flower Badge in December 2019. This is the second earn at home badge that Layla wanted to get done so we got busy.

Step 1: Flower Hunt

Layla went on a flower hunt. I took her to Home Depot and printed a list of flowers off Pinterest. I had her search for all the flowers on the list. She found quite a few with a little bit of help.

Step 2: Dye a Flower – Layla used food coloring in the water in which she put different types of flowers.

Step 3.  How Flowers help people – Layla choose 8 flowers to do research on and wrote down some of the health benefits of the flowers.

Step 4. Flower Art – layla made paper flowers with the die cuts.

Step 5. Flower Code Message – Layla drew her own Alphabet Flower Chart and then Drew me a message.

That is how Layla earned her Flower Badge. If you would like me to provide more details and or links to anything let me know.

Layla will be selling Girl Scouts cookies if anyone is interested. šŸ™‚

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