Girl Scouts Scrapbook Album – Earning Badges

Welcome! In august I enrolled Layla in Girl Scouts and boy has it been an adventure. Layla is loving all the activities and frankly I love seeing her happy and participating. She is being exposed to some awesome opportunities. So far a Ski Trip, a Camping trip, and countless local community activities.

It’s so good for her and if I am being completely honest it is good for me as well. I have not gotten out of the house much since 2015. This forces me out once in a while. It is also an excellent opportunity to bond with Layla. I’ve decided to document Layla’s many adventures thoroughly, especially the Badges she is earning at home. Layla needs proof of achievement to present to her troop leader, and Layla always gives me some fun scrappy pictures.

As for the badges that she is earning at the meetings and while away, well it I depend on other’s pictures so that is a bit more complicated to document. although so far so good. I’ve been lucky enough to get at least a few for each trip. 😊😊

Each new badge will become a sub page. just to make it easier to keep track.

Info Meeting!
1st Troop Meeting

Please keep checking back for updated Girl Scout Pages. I have so much to share.


I have a collection of all the scrapbook Layouts on Pinterest. Girl Scout Pinterest

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