Hybrid Scrapbooking – How to make digital files into layered cutting files

Welcome back! I would like to thank you all so so much for all the Social Media love. Boy do you all know how to make a gal feel special. Today I am sharing how to make some of Kellybell Designs digital files into layered files. This can be a bit tedious but totally worth the end results.

Kellybell Designs digital files come in PNG for all the elements, journal cards, WA, etc. It is easy use the print and cut feature on most cutting software included with most die cut machines. I have a tutorial on how to do that here:

Today I’m still working with Cricut Design Space. In this tutorial I will attempt to teach you all how to make the flat files into layered files. a flat file is a file that is printed in the printer and has no dimension. a layered files is a file that has multiple layers. I am working with the Kellybell Designs –Stuffed with Fluff collection.

Stuffed with Fluff

Step 1: Upload your file into Cricut Design Space. I selected this Beary Cute Bear. For this tutorial we will upload the image as a Simple file.

Step 2: Select the advance settings.

Step 3: Reduce colors to 3 – for this image there are 16 color variations, you could cut all 16 colors but I am choosing to make it with the least amount of colors possible. The pooh file below is made up of 3 basic colors – Yellow, White, and Red.

Different example of color selection: the image below is made up of green, red, blue, white, yellow – I would choose at least that many colors in the advance options 5 colors. Play around with it. Images that are to intricate and busy with lots of shadows will give you more trouble. Stick with simple images until you are more comfortable with the process.

Step 4: In this step we begin to work on the layers for this image. The first layer will actually be bottom (white) layer, which will be a shadow of the full file. You will save this layer, without any edits, as a cut file. This will give you the base for your image.

Step 5: You will repeat the re-upload of the original image for every layer that you want to create. So to create the next layer (yellow) we will once again upload the full image, change the advance options and select 3 colors as you did with the first layer. Hit next. You will now click on all red, black, and white pieces of the file to erase them.

Once you’ve selected every color but the yellow you will end up with just the yellow pieces. Save as a cut image.

The image becomes blacked out, we will change that later. Hit continue and you are done with this layer.

The next layer would be the red layer so you would click on all items in the image that are not red. it will look like this:

Step 6: Once you have uploaded all the different colored layers you want for that particular image you are done with the uploading. Now select all the layers and insert into Canvas.

All layers will be black but it is easy to change each file into a different color by clicking on the image and then changing the line type to the color that is needed.

Change each image to it’s prospective color.

once you change all the black files into colored files you can line them up and arrange them accordingly. just to make sure everything aligns.

Remember that if you are going to resize you have to select all your files at the same time. You are then ready to cut.

Select your cardstock.

Run thru the die cut machine.


I hope that I have not confused you all too much. Please ask any questions you might have, I’m happy to help.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

Kellybell Designs Stuffed With Fluff Collection used:

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