Hybrid Scrapbooking Tutorial- Kellybell Designs –

Welcome Back! You might have heard that I recently became part of the Kellybell Designs Creative Team.

I have been a huge fan of her designs for a very long time. She has the BEST Disney Scrapbooking Collections hands down no two ways about it!! When she had a Creative Team Call I knew I wanted to be part of it. Although her products are all digital; it is so easy to work with and in some ways better than physical product because you can change the dimensions on it to make wonderful cut files. Today I would like to show you how I use her designs to easily print and cut them to make a paper layout.

What you will need:

  • Printer
  • Die Cutting Machine
  • Computer

There are many die cutting machines out there and I have three of them. The Cricut Explorer, Silhouette Cameo , and the Brother Cut N Scan 1st edition. You do not need all three but I find that each one has it’s benefits as it relates to Kellybell Designs files. Today’s tutorial is focused on the Cricut Explorer; as it is the easiest die cutting machine in my opinion.

I do most my design work on the Cricut Design Space which is the software that comes with the Cricut. By design work I mean changing sizes, adding patterns, and even starting a preliminary layout.

Cricut Design Space Tutorial:

Step 1: Open the Canvas on the Design Studio Software.

Step 2: Upload an Image: to upload an image click upload image located on the bottom left. You will also Choose either image or pattern – (we are doing an Image)

Step 3: Select the complexity of the image. This will determine how much detail will be shown in the next step. Play with the three options, you can always go back and change it. I chose the third complexity because it gives more editing detail in Step 4. You can easily determine what complexity by reading the descriptions underneath each setting.

Step 4: Choose how much of the image you want to keep by clicking on the parts you want to erase. The 1st picture shows the full image and in the 2nd picture you can see I chose to remove the grey. This would provide me with just the white parts to cut out. (I chose to keep the grey).

Step 5: Choose Print then cut image, this will allow you to cut the image as you see it. If you choose save as cut image it will save a blackout of the outline of the image.

Step 6: Insert your images into your canvas and edit the size you want each element to be.

Step 7: Hit the make it button on the upper right hand side. It will take you onto the cutting screen. Here you can move images around a bit. When satisfied you will hit continue. The green button on the lower right screen.

Step 8: Send to printer. Follow prompts in your printer to print out the elements. Set your printer to print at the highest quality. I use plain white cardstock from Walmart to print my elements. It is a 110 lb cardstock.

Step 9: Set the Cricut to the Cardstock setting. Feed the printed cardstock thru the Cricut with a mat.

Viola! Your die cuts are ready. It seems like a long process but I promise it is not too difficult.

There is draw back to using the Cricut to cut your elements. Because the Cricut Print and Cut uses the black box outline to calibrate the machine you can’t make your shapes too big. It will give you an error warning. Just make your shape smaller and it will work.

Here is what my stash of newly printed elements from the Thanks For Noticing collection, I used some elements and papers in the kit, a page starter, and a word title. I also printed the pictures and I am now ready to be assemble it all into a layout.

I added grey 12×12 cardstock from my stash to complete this layout as my printer currently only has the capacity to print up to 8.5 x 11. I used basic tape runner glue to adhere all my elements. I already had an idea of what I wanted the layout to look like by doing preliminary sketch on the design studios.

Here is the finished layout:

I hope I haven’t confused you all to much and that this is a bit helpful. In the next few days I will be posting a quick tutorial on how I print the pattern paper and how to fill in shapes and or elements with the pattern papers included in the KellyBell Designs Kits so stay tuned.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions, I am always happy to help.

Kellybell Designs Collection Used: Thanks for Noticing


  1. […] Next let’s take a look at Paper Layouts.  CT member Esther is a wizard when it comes to printing, cutting and creating her paper pages.  Esther uses a Canon Pixma for printing and a Cricut Maker for cutting.  You have to look closely at this layout, it is NOT a digital layout, it’s all paper!!  Esther used the Thanks For Noticing Me collection.  On this layout, she used a large page starter on the bottom right, and lots of flowers layered over and tucked under other elements.  Esther created a tutorial on her blog showing each step using her Cricut Maker.  You can find the tutorial HERE. […]


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