Gorjuss Scrapbook Page – White Rose Crafts

Welcome! Today I am sharing a scrapbook Layout using the Santoro Gorjuss Tweed Craft Card Compendium – Makes 24 Cards

When I received this Craft Card kit I was so excited to try it out. Sometimes I am a rebel and I use card kits to make Scrapbook pages. I came across a picture of my daughter wearing every piece of jewelry she owns. LOL!

I knew I had to use all the pretty girls included in the kit to make a Layout for the picture.

I’m Sharing a step by step picture tutorial on how the layout came together.

For this Scrapbook layout I used just the diecut portion of the Die Cut sheet. I used the Circled part below and reserved the portion with the X for a future project.

I hope I have inspired you a tiny bit. Stay tune for a few more projects I made using the SANTORO GORJUSS TWEED CRAFT CARD COMPENDIUM –

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These are the stamps that I own: They are Beautiful!

Thank you for stopping by!

Gorjuss by Santoro Stamps: https://whiterosecraftsllc.com/t/gorjuss-by-santoro

Kit Subscription: 

Sparkle Blend: https://whiterosecraftsllc.com/products?keywords=Sparkle+blends


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