Easy Christmas Cards – White Rose Crafts

Today I am sharing a new discovery in paper crafting . I am not very good at coloring in images but some of them are so cute! When I became part of the White Rose Crafts Design Team I went page by page on their shop and looked at all the crafty goodness, there is a lot! I came upon the Decoupage paper and I fell in love with the designs. The cutey that you are going to see in my cards below is just one of the many different designs. Please go check it out. Seriously just too cute!

These decoupage sheets include several layers for each image, What!!! Isn’t that amazing. Most of my designs include lots of layers and stickers usually don’t satisfy my need for layers. LOL!  These sheets have layers for the girl’s dress, the gift, the bows. Really it is the best discovery in the past few years.

rs=w_600,h_600 (1)

rs=w_600,h_600 (1)      rs=w_600,h_600

1st Card:


2nd Card:


3rd Card:


4th Card:







rs=w_600,h_600rs=w_600,h_600 (4).png      rs=w_600,h_600 (2)

rs=w_600,h_600 (2)

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