Summer Recap – MDD OCD update

Hey there,

Today I want to share some of  my summer adventures, my paper crafting, and I also want to do mental health update. It will be a long post , so grab some coffee and join me. I will label the sections. LOL!! that way you can skip to your favorite parts. 🙂

Summer Crafting:

I have made quite a few sets of cards this summer. I’ve been trying to stay motivated in my crafting but it is pretty hard sometimes. (more on that later). I have been participating in challenges and it has been pretty fun. Below you will see some set.

Back to school set: 


Summer fruit cards: 

  • Melon:


  • Pineapple: (previously posted 🙂


  • Lemon – Lime Set:


Birthday Set: 


  • More birthday:


Baby Set: 


Get well cards: 


Just Because: 


Male Cards: 


As you see I have attempted to stay busy, I’m so thankful to the sketch & challenge blogs that keep me motivated. #sketchnscrap #fusioncardchallenge #CAS(E)thissketch #toomanytorememberthemall

If you know of any more challenge blogs let me know.

Mental Health Update: 

As you might or might not know I suffer from Major depressive Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety w/ Panic disorder, and the list goes on and on. I have been suffering for a long time. I recently found a Psychologist that has changed my life. First off she finally diagnosed me “correctly”. I started Psycho therapy with her and I have learned a few skills. OCD is a beast; and it is so hard to fix it when you feel like you will die if you touch something. My many obsessive behaviors are debilitating in most areas of my life.

Few months ago I was depressed and stuck in a Hole of Doom. In the past it had been so hard for me to snap out of my depressive episodes. With  my new learnt skills my Psychologist and I developed a FUNK plan. That is a plan that I follow when I feel an episode coming. I admit that I am a horrific patient, not because I don’t want to get better; but, because my OCD is in charge most of the time. Avoidance is my biggest downfall. I have not figured out how to beat it.

Well, Monday is my last therapy appointment as my Psychologist will no longer be practicing at the Veteran’s Hospital. 😦 😦 😦  I am so scared!! I’ve avoided going to a few appointments, I think the thought of loosing that support is creating an episode. I feel the depressive state coming back. I hate that I can feel it coming on and I can not stop it. Part of my fear is to regress and enter a depressive episode that will last too long. The good news is that I am up, out and about.

Angel suggested that we take a vacation and I reluctantly agreed, and it was a great decision. We went to Disney World! Spontaneously we decided to go. I will follow up soon with my experience of traveling to Disney World with my mental health concerns.

Hope you stop by again soon.



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