Christmas 2017 – Easing Stress – MDD

Welcome back, I am happy you are stopping by.

I want to share a few way that I am making my life easier this holiday season. This year I have decided that gift bags are the only way to keep sane this season. In the past I have spent way to long wrapping and decorating a beautiful box, with ribbons, and glitter; Only for it to be torn into with the claws of my 7 year old.

Although, I love that scene I thought this year I would see what effect Gift bags have.

I went online last week and ordered supplies from Oriental Trading. They have every Size, color, or print of gift bag imaginable. They also have Christmas tissue paper, and in bulk solid tissue paper. You can order it once and have it year round. IT IS AMAZING! A time and stress saver for sure.

The tissue paper is really pretty it has hints of gold. Ij t really makes the gift bags more acceptable.


You see I told you so! The hints of gold, in my opinion, make it fancy tissue paper. That alone justifies leaving behind the wrapping paper. Here are some super quick bags I put together.



I also made some Christmas Tags that are perfect to hang on the side of the gift bags. I will share those on Instagram.

While I was shopping the Oriental Trading website I picked up a few additions for our Christmas tree.  I got the fuzzy garland, and some cute mittens. Our tree is full of mismatched handmade memories. I’ve never been one to have a matching tree, I like to display the kid’s”creations”. They feel so proud to have their projects displayed year after year. Every year we reminisce about their artistic ability.


Elijah being proud of that lopsided Santa, LOL!20171215_160159

The 2nd thing I am doing to reduce my stress is cutting back on the amount of food we make this year. Year after year we make too much food and have loads of leftovers. .After a few days of leftovers I am done. I mean one can only eat so many leftovers.

I did not feel like sending Christmas cards this year. MDD will do that. MDD will suck the desire right out of people. I have recently been seeing a Psychologist and I’m learning so many good and incredibly useful techniques and tricks to keep myself from having another break-down.

I will share that she believes that a huge part of my medical problems are due to OCD. I thought my issues were due to chemical imbalance or depression but not full blown OCD. That has been a HARD pill to swallow. My symptoms have slowly increased over time and now they are debilitating.

Recently, I discovered that my rituals are worse than I thought. The psychologist has helped me realize that my “germ thing” is not just a thing. It has taken over my life. Sounds ridiculous, believe me I know!

The good news is that she says it’s it treatable. I am seeing her twice a week. I fear going to sessions, but I want the change so bad. I recently had a massive dip in depression and the level of sadness and pain was unbearable. I am actively working on keeping my depression under control.

To brighten the mood a bit I will also share that I have found a few nativity scenes while Thrift Hunting. I have set them around the house; they make me happy!


WOW, I did not plan for this post to be so long, sorry and  Thank you so much for stopping by!!

 Christmas Tissue Paper  Holiday Handicraft Pom-Pom Garland

 Plaid Mitten Ornaments  Large Brown Kraft Paper Gift Bags Small Kraft Paper Bags  Christmas Kraft Paper Bag Assortment


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