Back to School Readiness Part 2 – MDD Update

Welcome back!

I am back to share part 2 of getting ready for Back to School. I started this project a week or two ago because I was working full time and needed lots of structure for the kids. If my child can’t find a pencil, the homework is not getting done. To avoid these arguments I am being proactive.

But before I jump into that I want to share that once again I have failed at returning back to work. I shared in an earlier blog that I was feeling much better and I had gotten a job, well that did not last. I worked for a 1 1/2 months. Not cool!!  If someone is interested I can do a different blog post. On to the good stuff.

Now that I am not working I do not need to be so organized. Which is very ironic!!  I ordered some amazing things from oriental trading and made my command center. This is in my Holiday wall, and please forgive the black table it all sits on, its time for a new one. The Calendar, Purple border, & colorful bins are from Oriental Trading. They have the coolest stuff.



This is a close up of the bins, I used vinyl and my Cricut to make those.

If you have any questions on things you see let me know.  I am planning on using those dot paints for a weekly family bingo. I still have so many things I want to do before they go back to school. Including clothes shopping. Shopping and Anxiety go hand in hand for me. ;( 😦

The kids have spent the last 3 months sitting playing video games so I decided it was time to get active. But, we live in Arizona and it is HOT outside.  I came up with some indoor activities, I used masking tape from Oriental Trading.  to make a indoor hopscotch. I did the squares Layla did the numbers. She insisted!! LOL!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also ordered some fun outdoor games and equipment to continue the mission of getting them back into shape.

We are going to use these pop up goal post for inside balloon soccer. 13764798

Items used from Oriental Trading:

Additionally if you do not want to run around town looking for school supplies Oriental Trading is the perfect solution. Check out their school supplies!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!

**Oriental Trading sent me products for this post.  All opinions are my own**



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